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Digital I/O, PCI card, 32ch/32ch (isolated 12 - 24VDC), CONTEC, PIO-32/32L(PCI)
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condition: used-สินค้าใช้งานแล้ว

Overview / Features

This product is the interface board of the PCI bus conformity which outputs and inputs a digital signal. The digital signal of 12 to 24VDC can be outputted and inputted. The input of a maximum of 32 points and the output of a maximum of 32 points can be performed on this one board. The driver (API-PAC(W32)) for Windows and Linux appending.

  • The input of a maximum of 32 points and the output of a maximum of 32 points can be performed on this one board. Because of the common composition of a 16-point unit, each common line can respond to a different external power supply.
  • Since the PCI bus (personal computer) and the input/output interface are isolated by the photo-coupler, it excels in noise-protection nature.
  • It can interrupt and 32 points of an input signal can be used as an input. Moreover, the edge of the input signal can also generates interruption.
  • It has the digital filter function for preventing the incorrect input by the noise or the chatering.
  • The rating of an output signal is a maximum of 35 VDC and 100mA per point. Zener diode is connected to an output transistor for protection from surge voltage. Moreover, the over-current protection element is attached per eight output transistors.


Add-on module

Bus Specification PCI
Size Short Size
Used Connector 1.27mm-pitch 96-pin (Male)

Digital I/O

Input Channels 32-ch
Output Channels 32-ch
Bi-directional I/O Channels -
Response Time (Input) 200μsec (max.)
Response Time (Output) 200μsec (max.)
Operating Voltage (Input) 12 to 24VDC
Operating Voltage (Output) 12 to 24VDC
Input Circuit Opto-isolated input (for sink current output)
Output Circuit Opto-isolated open-collector output (sink current type)
Built-in Power Supply -


Support / Downloads

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